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#PayItForward: The Gift of Camp Wapiyapi

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This guest blog is  written by Morey Bean, a Consulting Forensic Architect, for our our 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community through out the month of December. Want to make a nomination? It’s not too late!

It’s unbelievable, simply remarkable and amazing that my beautiful son Thatcher considers his experience with cancer at nine years old as the greatest gift that life has ever given him. Give me a frickin’ break. That’s my boy: I watched him bravely confront 9 spinal taps, sitting on his bed before surgery saying “Dad, I’m scared!”. I remember long nights in ICU with Thatch cheerfully telling me “Look Dad! the clock is at 11:11:11:11!” He is very good at discerning patterns, but doesn’t remember that discovery.

We were so blessed when Thatch was undergoing chemo to send him and his beautiful brother Isaac to Camp Wapiyapi. To me, this one of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever been given. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Camp Wapiyapi- a place where kids facing cancer can have a fun, “normal” summer camp experience- provides ten times the healing energy of any chemo drug or therapy session on the market for all the kids, and their siblings, and their counselors, and their families. As a Dad it’s easy for me to extol Wapiyapi’s virtues. But Thatch had to be the one to experience his cancer. So thank God he and Isaac had the privilege of experiencing camp together. I’m so proud of Thatch and Isaac for keeping up with the camp for over twenty years and counting! They started as campers and now they are camp leaders. They’ve only missed two camp sessions in their entire lives. Them’s my boys!


ThatcherOn Tuesday, December 9th you will hear from many non-profit organizations to make a donation on Colorado Gives Day.  This year I hope you’ll join me and my boys in donating to Camp Wapiyapi so that the gift of camp can continue to be given to kids and families faced with cancer.

PS- Here’s some bonus footage of a video Thatch made about Camp Wapiyapi. It’s worth a watch!


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