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We’re Grateful for Good Work

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Amidst the hub-bub of the holiday season, our team managed to carve out a few quiet hours to come together and reflect on our growth while projecting our goals for the years to come. Our conversation included sharing how we can continue to build an intentional culture at Cultivation Center. This got us each to identify specifically what we love about working at Cultivation Center. As the year comes to a close, we’re sharing our thoughts with you. Think of these as our gratitudes for the privilege of working at a great company and doing work that does good for the world while supporting other companies and nonprofits to be and do the same.   


Cat.circleFrom Cat, Consulting Associate: Before joining the team at Cultivation Center, I already knew that the people I work with make a world of difference to my experience. Working here is a unique experience because it is a woman owned and woman run company, oh, and, but for me, it is a team of all Moms! I am constantly inspired and humbled by what this strong, resilient team can do. The respect among us creates a culture where I feel comfortable and confident in my capabilities.




From Erica, External CFO: Cultivation Center has given me the opportunity to stay in the workforce while allowing me the flexibility I need to be at home almost full time with my 15-month-old son.  I’m so grateful for the time I spend working with Amy and our amazing team and I am truly thankful for the opportunities I have had throughout the past year that have enriched me both professionally and personally.


blair.circleFrom Blair, Communications + Connections Director:  I love working at Cultivation Center where clients ready to adopt “next” practices come to be challenged. Counterpoints of this work are the “discovery phase” when we get to know a new client, and implementation, when we roll up our sleeves and do. These are linked by a creative process defined by possibility. I am eternally grateful that I get to spend some time there dreaming and co-creating with our clients.




From Amy, Founder + Principal: I’m grateful to work at Cultivation Center because of the people on our team and the people we serve. Doing meaningful work with good people in an innovative environment feels like success to me. It is such a privilege to look forward to coming to work.


What are you grateful for at work? Let us know!

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