Management Cafe


Join Management Cafe – a one-hour virtual book club where leaders learn management skills from best selling authors. The best part is you don’t have to read the whole book. We provide Page-to-Practice™ executive summaries to read before each call.

Every call is led by a professional facilitator who highlights the most practical management tools you can use right away. Learn what has worked in other businesses and how you can tweak these strategies to use at your company.

Learn from other business owners, get through the books on your bedside table, and motivate your team – all in an hour.


Upcoming Books


collaborative solutionsThe Power of Collaborative Solutions: Six Principles and Effective Tools for Building Healthy Communities

by Tom Wolff

Your collaborative team will be strengthened by 4 key points of discussion: 1) Identify six essential principles for developing healthy collaborative solutions; 2) Recognize the strengths of a collaborative approach and discover new tools to help reach your goals; 3) Encounter illustrative case stories to invigorate your team’s pursuit of collaborative solutions; 4) Address the dysfunctions in your coalitions to make them more effective and enjoyable.

RipplingRippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World

by Beverly Schwartz

Your own impact will grow through the wisdom and experience of hundreds of the world’s top social change leaders. 1) Understand the time-tested model any individual leader or organization can apply to bring about deep, lasting and systematic change; 2) Leverage five actionable principles that can become your inspiration for demonstrating effective change; 3) Discover some of today’s most effective approaches to solving social challenges while creating a ripple effect throughout society.

urgencyA Sense of Urgency

by John Kotter

You’ll discover how to overcome complacency in your organization by cultivating a sense of urgency as a core, sustained capability of your team. 1) Learn the difference between true urgency and the frantic wheel-spinning that is so often mistaken for urgency; 2) Understand the value in finding opportunities in crises and maintaining a positive sense of urgency; 3) Put the Kotter’s key   strategy and four tactics to use while keeping the naysayers at bay.